"When you want the ´wow factor´ for someone or an event then you need Cupcake Therapy!

Personalised to the smallest detail, the handmade decorations were perfect.

For both the baby shower and birthday celebration, they were the ideal gift, and came in beautifully ribboned and decorated boxes".

Dionne Olsen

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Cupcake Therapy
They taste so good you won't want to be cured...

Generations of Inspired Good Taste

As a little girl, Cupcake Therapy owner Natalie Collings, learned to cook at her mother´s side. Her mother was a traditional country cook who always had a home baked cake at the ready and would never dream of creating anything from a packet mix. Today Natalie continues to use her mother’s inspiration, as well as her favourite celebrity cooks such as Nigella Lawson and Stephanie Alexander, to create recipes that are sure to delight.

As a busy working mother Natalie believes that food is so much more than a source of fuel, it is a significant part of who we are and how we interact. When times are challenging we often rely on those old fashioned values and ideals we grew up with and that includes those comfort foods and favourite recipes.

Anytime is the Right Time

Let´s be honest - sometimes we just need to indulge ourselves - there is nothing like a meltingly sweet mud cake or a divine carrot cake with cream cheese frosting to chase away the blues or to accompany a catch up with friends for afternoon tea.

So when you´re craving the home baked treats our mothers and grandmothers created then contact Cupcake Therapy. Experience the joy of a delicately iced cupcake or the satisfaction induced by a moist cake smothered with delicious butter cream frosting from our registered kitchen.